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Benefits of building a masjid

Posted on: 01 May 2014

Do you know the benefits of building and completing Masjid Al-Huda?

1. Remembrance of Allah: Masjid is where Allah (subhana wa tala) is glorified, praised and remembered. If this would have been the only benefit, it would have been sufficient for us to strive to build more and       more Masaajid.
2. Ongoing Charity – Sadaqa Tu Jariya: Donating to a Masjid, is an ongoing charity which continues even after a person dies and his/her book of deeds are closed. Even if you spend one Pound towards a Masjid, InshaAllah that will count as an ongoing charity.
3. House in Jannah: Is there anything else we need? Where are the investors?
4. Da’wah & Naseeha: Having the mere presence of a Masjid is a way of inviting to Islam. Allah (subhana wa tala) guides many Non-Muslims to Islam by them wandering into the Masjid and asking about Islam.       How many of the youth have left corruption and have come to the Masjid? Instead of consuming drugs and alcohol they are volunteering for a Masjid.
5. Counseling: Instead of spending thousands in organizations counseling just to earn a profit, an Imam is available for assistance to a community. Best of all he is not using some contemporary book where the   author himself is having problems, he uses a book which has no contradictions and which is A Clear Guidance to all of mankind.
6. Knowledge: Masjid is a source of knowledge. Seeking knowledge is obligatory upon the believers. Also, look at how many children are benefiting from going to the Masjid and seeking knowledge. Who knows         which child might be the next scholar of the Ummah and imagine if you had a hand in helping that child, by helping in establishing the Masjid.
7. Unite the Community and Encourage brotherhood: Establishes large gatherings of Muslims. Just look how everyone breaks their fast together in Ramadan at the Masjid, does this not encourage brotherhood?
8. Did you know that he or she who builds a Masjid, or helps in doing so earns the ajir(reward/good deeds) for every person walking in to pray, every person entering the Masjid to make wudu, reading Quran, or any other good deed. It gets even better, unlike other good deeds you earn now; this one doesn’t stop when you die.
9. And finally, completing Masjid Al-Huda would increase its capacity from 250 worshippers to 450 and clear its debt in the process.